East Bay Upright MRI is first to bring Multiposition MRI to the San Jose service area. This is the most advanced technology in the MRI industry and is considered the gold standard.


Thank you for making me feel very comfortable and at ease.

V. Barragon



Patient Handling System
• Fully MRI-compatible
• Motorized and computer-controlled
• Translation function puts upright or recumbent patients at isocenter
• Elevator function places patient's anatomy of interest at magnet isocenter
• Tilt function rotates the patient from upright to the recumbent position
• Table slightly tilted at 5 degrees to stabilize patients during upright scanning
• Support fixtures for RF receiver coils integrated into the table.

Patient Comfort
• The only true Open MRI
• The most non-claustrophobic whole-body Open MRI.
• Walk in, stand or sit and use or remove seat for the scan, walk out.
• An unprecedented degree of patient comfort because there is an unobstructed view, nothing in front of the patient's face.
• Movable, stabilization bars to enhance patient comfort and stability during multipositional scans such as flexion, extension, rotation and lateral bending.
• Whisper Gradients for quiet scans

Position MRI
• Brain scans with the patient upright (vertical)
• Weight-bearing studies of the human anatomy.
• Range-of-motion for flexion, extension, rotation and lateral bending.
• Patient positioning plays a critical role in detecting clinically significant pathology.

• 0.6 Tesla field strength
• Iron-frame electromagnet
• Front-open and top-open magnet design
• Magnetic poles are on the left and right of the patient
• Horizontal (transaxial) magnetic field orientation
• 18 inch (46 cm) pole-to-pole, horizontal gap
• Multipositional capabilities for positional MRI studies

High speed gradient performance
• Water cooled
• Reduces the reconstruction rate
• Increases slew rate for thinner slices