The Multiposition MRI is truly open, quiet and safe and known as Upright, Stand up, Whole-body MRI.


Very nice experience, everyone should try it if they need it.

M. Ortega



Multipositional MRI is the only whole-body MRI that has the ability to perform Upright MRI and Position Imaging. Patients can be scanned standing, sitting, in flexion, extension, rotation, lateral bending as well as the usual position used in "lie down" MRI scanning.

We have the ability to put the patient in the position necessary to provide the most accurate diagnosis. The referring doctor will be able to make a far more comprehensive and accurate evaluation of their patients' conditions. This will enable doctors to prescribe and execute a more effective treatment.

State of the art technology
Multipositional MRI is the most advanced technology in the industry and has become the "gold standard". Multipositional is capable of the highest quality in MRI imaging and it is particularly well suited for Podiatric, Orthopedic, specialized spine and large or claustrophobic studies.

For the first time, patients can be scanned in weight-bearing positions and in the position of the symptoms of their pain. Because of this ability the scanner offers unparalleled quality and the ability to detect problems many other scanners may miss.

Patient comfort and ease
The Multipositional MRI is so open it allows the patient to walk into the scanner, have their scan done, and walk out. There is nothing directly in front of their face or over their heads that can cause them to experience a "closed in" feeling. Patients can comfortably sit and watch their favorite program on a large screen TV mounted on the scanner wall.

There are movable transpolar stabilization bars to enhance patient comfort and stability during multipositional scans such as flexion, extension, rotation and lateral bending. We provide a movable seat and have whisper gradients that quiet the sounds of the scan.

This is the most non-claustrophobic, whole-body Open MRI and provides an unprecedented degree of patient comfort.