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We now have a coil that can take a full image of the entire upright spine -- within eight minutes. This radiation-free evaluation can also monitor the success of treatment. An accurate evaluation of scoliosis requires the patient to be upright. Conventional recumbent "tube" MRI cannot meet this need. This radiation-free application can be performed in the same amount of time and at the same cost as diagnosis and monitoring by x-ray. It sees not only the curvature of the vertebrae but also the soft tissue. There are saggital and axial views of the entire spine -- with no radiation. The 3-plane visualizations are achieved by 3D acquisition with curved multi-planar reconstruction. Both Cobb angles and angular rotation of the vertebrae are measured including the spinal cord, intervertebral discs, nerve roots and spinal ligaments. The National Cancer Institute reported in a 2000 study of 5,466 women that demonstrated with scoliosis experienced a 70% greater risk of developing breast cancer that resulted from their protracted exposure to diagnostic x-ray.

Mark Lammers
East bay Upright MRI


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