Q: What will happen when I get scanned?

A trained MR professional will help you into position on the scanner bed. This narrow bed slides directly into the scanner. Ask for a blanket if you are chilly. It may be necessary to place a special band or ring on the area to be scanned. This band or ring is actually a special antenna that enables the scanner to pick up signals with more clarity from that portion of anatomy that is being scanned.

Once you are positioned, all you have to do is relax and lie as still as you can. The East Bay Upright MRI Center scanner is especially patient-friendly in this regard. Because it is so quiet and comfortable, many patients even fall asleep during the scan. You will be able to talk to a member of the staff in the next room who will be able to see and hear you during the entire scan. You can have a companion stay in the scanning room with you throughout the scan. In fact, whenever possible, parents are encouraged to be in the room with their children during the scan.

The procedure will take from 20 to 60 minutes depending on your doctor's instructions. After the scan, you can resume all normal activities immediately. Infrequently, certain types of scans require the use of an injected contrast agent. If your doctor ordered this type of scan, our staff member will explain the contrast agent to you and answer your questions.


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