Q: Do I have to lie still when I have an MRI?

Yes, it is important to minimize movement in order to achieve the best imaging results. The quiet, restful environment and the multipositional scanner at the East Bay Upright MRI Center is certainly conducive, of course, in helping a patient to be relaxed and to lie quietly.

Because a scanning session will often include a series of individual scans, you will probably be given the opportunity, and you can certainly request it beforehand, to find a more comfortable position in between one scan and the next. If you follow instructions as closely as possible, in all likelihood your images will be "just what the doctor ordered."If you find that you are uncomfortable in any way, the attending technologist will be able to help you find a position in which you can rest comfortably. They will also have a number of "props" at their disposal that will help you "rest easy" and help them obtain the best picture possible.

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